Back Office TMS Transaction Management System


Our “Back Office” Transaction Management System (TMS) is cutting edge providing freedom and flexibility from anywhere in the world. Simple and easy to navigate, our back office support platform provides versatility while on the road or in your office.


  1. Privately branded, 24 hour, 7 days per week, completely on-line, full-scale transaction management system available for all company agents.
  2. Web based – no software required (Log on anywhere, anytime) Part of a complete suite of software products that enable Northwest Home Sales to provide “Virtual Office” technology and advanced features in one simple platform.
  3. Compliments existing company web systems as it can be driven from any web page and accessed by agent clients from anywhere in the world.
  4. Complete transaction control – risk management -for agent and company to ensure uniform delivery and management of all transaction with paper free ease.
  5. We Are Green.
  6. Open architecture (Use any vendors you want; i.e. home warranty, home inspection, escrow, etc).


  1. MLS data population. Pulls information from MLS eliminating double entry.
  2. Winforms Integration. Pulls data and docs from Winforms.
  3. Reduced paperwork. Remember we’re Green?
  4. On-Line documents can be made available to any party in the transaction.
  5. Greatly reduced faxing and copying.
  6. Cost savings on paper, postage, copiers, etc.
  7. Time Savings (avoid …. did not get the fax, having to find documents, etc).
  8. We are your document center (1 to 10 years or forever…. You decide) no more storage.
  9. Complete communication log documentation (A good portion of the log is auto created by the system).
  10. Complete training and support team.
  11. Streamline the entire transaction. Enter the data one time on MLS or Winforms and never re-enter it again through the transaction management process or accounting process. Handle the transaction from A to Z!