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Today’s real estate transactions are complex and require the coordination of numerous documents, contacts, service orders, and tasks to culminate successfully. Simplify the complicated with TransactionPoint, the intelligent transaction management platform that streamlines your real estate transactions with advanced automation, a secure document repository, and a comprehensive audit trail that tracks tasks, documents, faxes and emails for a complete history of the transaction. With 24/7 access, and consumer interface, managing the complex just became simple!

TransactionPoint Professional gives you the power to:

  • View the current status of all of your transactions at a glance
  • Import transactions from MLS, forms or popular contact management systems
  • Interface with popular title and back office systems without re-keying data
  • Upload, email or fax documents directly into the system
  • Build your own calendar with important due dates and transaction closing activities
  • Audit transactions and flag issues insuring compliance requirements are met
  • Access advanced service ordering capabilities